Monday, June 27, 2011

Does Nikki Worry About Being Alvined?

Published: The Huffington Post 2011.06.27

A story has now surfaced that South Carolina may revert to a caucus system.

Could Nikki Haley's paranoia be getting to her?

After 2010, I had a strong suspicion that the GOP played games on the Democratic side of the fence. How else does someone like Alvin Greene get onto the ballot?

Jim DeMint was a shoo-in for the GOP race last year -- no one was seriously going to primary him. That left a machine, well-oiled and ready to do something. If I was DeMint's campaign manager last year, I would quietly approach the most ardent of my supporters and have the quietly change parties and vote for a guy like Alvin Greene. It would essentially knock the serious opposition out of the box while catching the Democrats sleeping. The Democrats got Alvined last year.

Now coming into 2012 the shoe is on the other foot. President Obama does not have any serious opposition in the primary. He has a well-oiled machine with nothing to do in the primary.

Wouldn't it be a hoot to see the DNC come up with a strategy to Alvin the South Carolina GOP Presidential nominee?

Isn't Steven Colbert from South Carolina? Could you imagine a write-in vote for Colbert on the GOP Ballot? How much fun would that be?

Or better yet, pick one of the seven dwarves or Snow White and actually get the Democrats to vote for that person. Pick the one who would never win in the general and who would drain the most money out of the Koch Brothers. The beneficiary would have to be down in the national game going into South Carolina and running out of money.

Another option could be that the Democrats make it known they will support one of the GOP candidates in the primary and actually host a forum. Make the GOP do a dog and pony for the Democrats. After all they will have to appeal to the Democrats in November -- let them start during the SC Primary.

If there are still 7 or 8 candidates still in the running for the GOP nod when the South Carolina Primary rolls around an influx of thousands of Democrats taking their field could turn the GOP upside down.

When the Democrats Alvin the GOP nominee -- they throw a monkey wrench in the GOP process. Anyone who wins will be tainted from a GOP perspective.

The losers could say -- oh the Democrats decided to play in the primary so they should be ignored. The winner could say - oh the Democrats decided to play in the primary so they should be respected. (We all know how much the GOP respects the Democrats...) Absolutely no real information could be gained from such a primary.

The more I think about this "veto" it is a defensive maneuver to keep South Carolina from being embarrassed on the national stage once again.

Inside a caucus, the party elders can deem their favorite to "win" representation for their state. How much fun is that?

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