Monday, June 6, 2011

Stopping The Fictional History Tour

Published: The Huffington Post 2011.06.06

The appalling lack of knowledge of Sarah Palin does not seem to stop her.

It is almost to the point where I think she is sitting in the back of her bus making stuff up just to see if it will get covered. As she goes from town to town, she has to be laughing at the fact she is seriously being covered while saying this stuff.

The most dangerous thing about this is she is opening a window of acceptable stupidity. The more off-the-wall stuff that comes from her -- the more she is covered and -- the more people listen. If she were to win the GOP nomination next year she could accept in a speech constructed solely of one syllable words and grunts and it would be taken as if from on high.

Think about what this woman could do in the White House. On second thought -- don't. We theoretically have an election system that can protect the rest of society from people like her.

This is a game where our country gets yanked around by a now fully documented uneducated person from the furthest reaches of our country.

She has rebuffed all attacks from the side of intelligence. No number of intelligent rebuttals can make any headway on this political vampire of the Midnight Sun. The only way to put a stake in the heart of this political dance is to go unreasonable. She needs to be flanked from her stupid side.

Tina Fey is the perfect stalking horse. So why not let her actually stalk Sarah Palin?

If I had my way, I would get a corporate sponsor for Tina Fey and the old Partridge Family Bus. Get Danny Bonaduce (the perfect stand-in for the ex-first dude of Alaska) to drive it with Shirley Jones to navigate. With all the feel good sensations generated by the bubblegum music, the name of the endeavor could be "The Second Coming Bus Tour". (I wonder if Spinal Tap would be available?)

The current Palin bus tour would be renamed as The Fictional History Tour based on the grasp of Sarah Palin's facts. The Second Coming Bus Tour would take the exact route of The Fictional History Tour only delayed by 2 days. The bands can play as a warm-up. Tina Fey could do a recap of each stop with a "translation" of what the first person said. Two days would be more than enough time to create the material needed to respond to the fictional history of the first tour.

I would be willing to bet that you would be able to get more people out on The Second Coming Tour than the first one.

Another reason to call this "The Second Coming Bus Tour" with Shirley Jones in tow is that the Mama Partridge has an Oscar under her belt. It is for a movie called Elmer Gantry. One of those films that deals with religion and power... Maybe not a bad Netflix download?

You could do a reality TV show based on the travels that would rival the Grizzly Mama's travels.

The point is stupidity sells.

Sarah Palin is making a killing on it.

The only way to stop Sarah Palin may be to intelligently out-stupid her.

As I said, if I had my way.

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