Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stupid Questions – 28,000 Series: Romney’s Chinese Taxes

28000.   Since Mitt Romney and his Bainettes do business in China; how much do they make?
28001.   Are they paying Chinese Taxes on these profits?

28002.   Has Mitt and the Singing Bainettes (a Do-Wop group?) figured out how to game the Chinese Tax System the same way they have pushed the envelope on the American System?

28003.   Is it wise to try to rip off the Chinese Government for THEIR taxes?

28004.   In the Unites States there is the Freedom of Information Act.  Is there a similar method in China to get information about public companies?

28005.   How does one go about making a request of the Chinese Government for this information?

28006.   Do we need to make a request of the State Department for a citizen of this country to petition the Chinese Government for this information?

28007.   If Mitt Romney will not voluntarily release his Chinese Tax Returns, will the next debate on Foreign Policy explore this topic?

28008.   If he releases his Chinese Tax Returns and they do not match up – how does he explain it?

28009.   If there is a mismatch between the two sets of returns – would the IRS investigate?

28010.   If Mitt Romney and the Dancing Bainettes (I got this image of line dancing CPA’s doing a Rockettes imitation in horned-rimmed glasses and suits) got audited by Chinese Authorities could we have a situation where a sitting President is under indictment in a Chinese Court System for tax fraud?

28011.   Would we honor an extradition treaty with China to bring him to justice?

28012.   Can we avoid these problems if we just re-elect President Obama?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Political Novel 2012 - Chapter 1

We all have a novel in us. This story will be the intrigue at a major party convention when a coup is formed. It turns out the party's nominee, Ritt Momney, attempted to do anything it took to win the White House. He got caught.

Four years earlier Ritt had come in second. Ritt was vetted as the Vice Presidential Candidate for Caine McJohn, the party's nominee. When Caine saw Ritt's tax returns Caine rejected Ritt out of hand and chose a woman, Hannah Lapin.

Ritt saw his chances for the White House evaporate. His father, Jorge, would have been the first Guatemalan-born President of the United States. These are people who read the Kennedy manual on how to create a political dynasty. Jorge was the ground-breaker; it was up to Ritt to get to the White House.

If Caine won the election at hand, Ritt would be pushed to the side in 8 years in favor of others who were queuing up for the job. His only real chance was to create a situation where Caine loses and Ritt could come back in 4 years as a savior of the party.

The plan was bold, simple and risky. Crash the entire economy and allow the Minority Party, led by Deman Isblaque, to win. Instead of having to wait eight years, he would only have to wait 4 years.

Ritt's connections were as a big bank guy. He made his bones destroying companies for fun and profit. He simply got his buddies in the financial field to stop lending money to people shortly after the convention. It worked, the economy tanked.

Yes, Deman Isblaque would be President Isblaque, but only a one termer. In the ensuing 4 years a steady hammering of Deman Isblaque would take place. In a ravaged economy, he could do little, making him a prime take-over candidate.

Monies saved from 10 years of business tax cuts and other programs instituted ostensibly for the growing of the economy would be used as fuel for the eventual campaign. Supreme Court rulings allowed this cash to be transferred in secret. Once Ritt settles into the White House, all this money would be release with the power of a massive coiled spring onto the economy.

The plan had Ritt setting the fire that destroyed the economy and bringing the water to put the fire out. He would be the hero.

Things start to unravel as filings from the Securities and Exchange Commission showed he and his companies were responsible for disposing of aborted fetuses for profit. He tried to hide his activity with all sorts of pretzel logic. But his signatures were all over the documents. All the king's horses and all the king's men rode onto the cable channels, but they could not put Ritt's fractured shell back again.

The Pro-Life wing of the party begins to defect. Catholic Cardinal Putchaps of Denver led the way attacking Ritt for being two-faced on the issue of abortion. "It is one thing to be Pro-Choice, but to make a profit from the disposal of the bodies of unborn children is more than The Church can bear". The Cardinal leads a moral blackmail campaign against his own congregants, refusing to administer The Holy Eucharist to any of Ritt's delegates.

The once committed delegates begin to hatch a plan to defect en-masse at the convention. Delegates begin to put their votes up on ebay to the next highest bidder.

The next chapter begins as delegates start to pick the Ritt Momney replacement. Ritt is fighting for his political life.

You know - you can't make this stuff up.