Friday, January 14, 2011

No Connection to the Rhetoric - yeah Right...

Published: Personally 2011-01-14 full opinion...

There is no connection to the Right Wing Media rhetoric and the shooter.

I am not buying it, but not for the standard reasons. Let's use the indirect method.

The shooter is being diagnosed as a schizophrenic by all the armchair psychologists in the country.

Ok, let's go with that one.

In 2009, we had kind of a debate over getting single payer health care. It got taken off the table in the Obama Administrations unending bid to be a nice guy to people who hate him.

It was taken off the table by Right Wing Media yelling about death panels and pulling the plug on grandma. (I did not know we could electrify her. I will have to let her know. I am sure she will be thrilled.)

Theoretically, inside the concept of single payer would be mental health care. Since single payer was removed by the Right Wing, they have opened the hole, not by rhetoric, but by their policies, for what happened in Tucson. No money for the meds - we have wandering zombies.

Rachel Maddow did an entire hour program of the gun control consequences of the Right's obsession with warm guns. It is another area where the Right Wing Media indirectly contributed to Tucson.

You know - promoting the NRA mantra: You toucha my guns - I breaka you political face.

Great - now we have wandering zombies with access to guns!

It is more Right Wing Policy enacted by Right Wing Media. (This may be a chicken and the egg type of thing.)

We all know the tax consequences of having a single payer - they would likely go up. Let's see that patented Right Wing Media apoplexy to raising funds for anything. (How did they pay for the two wars we got ourselves into anyway?)

Access to medications and mental health care removed by right wing policy plus gun laws relaxed to the point of silliness by Right Wing Policy is a deadly as drinking and driving.

When you start mixing this together and add a daily dose of shrink-the-government - you have a situation where you have loaded the chambers.

The Right Wing Media doesn't have to say much directly to get the gun in the shooters hands. The unmedicated voices inside the shooter's head can do the rest. The miracle is that it hadn't happened before.

Even if it isn't said directly, Right Wing Media directed or supported by the Right Wing Politicians does bear a large measure of responsibility for what has happened.

The Right Wing Media operates on money. The jury on this indictment will be the listenership and sponsorship of the Right Wing Media outlets. Will they be able to hold a profit through these times?

Would it be good to buy or sell the stocks of the companies supporting the Right Wing agenda?

Selling would drive the prices down. It could drive a company out of business.

Would buying the stocks give legitimate control of these companies to stockholders who could stop policies supporting the intentional deterioration of society? Dick Gregory used this tactic to integrate restaurants and hotels during the civil rights era. Is it hostile takeover time?

Where we go from here is open to debate...

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