Saturday, January 22, 2011

Before Everyone goes Bat Guano over The Keith...

Published: Personally 2011-01-22

The Keith (Olbermann) gave his last show on Friday. (The Keith is a sign of respect here...)
Before everyone decides to light their hair on fire and start screaming, could there be an alternative narrative to corporate takeover and purge action?

Let's say for argument a host was:
  • smart,
  • funny,
  • high-maint­enance,
  • thin-skinn­ed,
  • ego-starved (it is network TV after all).

Would timing of an announceme­nt like this cause a big splash with a corporate leadership change or not. Tying these two events, could be a ticked off employee slamming the door as they yell, "I Quit".

The guy did 8 years of the show. The last year was rough going to say the least. Is there the possibility he is just fried and needs time to recharge his batteries?

He is angry at suspensions and sniping. He may figure that the new management is going to be more hassle than they are worth. What mountains does The Keith still need to scale here. He is at the level of "been there, done that".

This puts the new management back on their heels; a emotional big bonus as he walks out the door. If they were thinking of keeping The Keith around until things settle on the merger, Olbermann cut them to the quick. The new management now has to play defense. Credit to The Keith.

Look, I don't know any more than anyone else here, but this is in the realm of possibility.

By the way - MSNBC does still have a lot of legitimate talent in the line-up. It may be time that they deepen their bench. Moving The Keith out allows more people to get developed.

Also, if you start running boycotts of MSNBC, that just gives the bean counters more reason to dismantle what remains.

We won't really know until things start settling down. Look for The Keith to tweet.

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