Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Change the Tone?

Published: Personally 2011-01-11

How do you change the tone when those speaking are tone deaf? Today, 3 days after the Tuscon Massacre, the local RW radio host in the morning was busy taking self-absolution of any responsibility for the environment. His term for people who use the Daily Kos was Daily Kooks.

So much for: "disagreeing without being disagreeable". That is now one of the slogans of this particular radio station.

I am trying to get a gig on a RW Radio Station. This RW Radio Station - WPHT in Philly. They are in a state of flux. They currently schedule UFO Abduction Programming from 2am to 6am Eastern Time (11pm to 3am PST). I can do better and with your help, we can make a profit for everyone.

Actually, this station has already proven that being respectful to callers and people you don't agree with is profitable. This station is Michael Smerconish' flagship station. He is moving to the PM Drive Time so, theoretically, he can do more national stuff without having his head explode from warped scheduling.

Smerconish has proven that ONLY Right Wingers can make a profit on the radio as a canard. Look at the common sense of it. If you don't insult people, they will stay and listen if you provide interesting and coherent content (my game plan). If you insult people they will go elsewhere (what is happening now).

Aren't you tired of the insults?

I need your help.

I am burning up my Facebook Account asking people to make a phone call for me. There are causes that ask us to make calls to Congresspeople all the time. We call Congresspeople because they are the ones that make the decisions.

I am asking you to call Mr. Andy Bloom, Operations Manager at WPHT 610-668-5800. This is the gentleman who makes the decisions about the tone and timbre of WPHT's product line.

People are telling me they have gotten busy signals, please keep trying. Please melt his answering machine.

I am enlisting as many people as I can find.

Even if it doesn't happen we are putting the person in charge on the spot. This is the guy who gets to make the call as to who gets on and when. Since WPHT streams live to the internet, everyone is a potential customer.

Yes, I said customer. When you listen to a radio station, you are a potential customer of the sponsors. (Boycotting doesn't work because there is a big enough piece of the pie out there from the other side to make the operation viable.) By putting a product out there that is more inclusive (non-insulting) it is possible to expand the demographic and charge more for ad revenue. It would expose the Right Wing only model as not making ENOUGH money. It puts the model at risk.

Beyond politics - it is about money. My last Huffington Post article was pushed hard for this reason; it was about Political Money (Link - it got over 250 likes). This is a related article and a different facet of the cash.

The media is about making money first. The media is a business. Politics is a business. How well you convince people of your ideas equates to how profitable and successful you will be.
Want to change the tone. Change the people.

I got no problem going from 2am to 6am Eastern Time. West Coast Owls with East Coast Owls and early risers. It would be a blast. I am a night owl (Temple '84). A schedule like this would let me finish seeing my kids playing sports through high school.

Here is my vitae stocked full of articles from the Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joe-the-nerd-ferraro

I am also reaching out to the DailyKos, DemocraticUnderground, NoLabels, the CoffeeParty and anyone else I can find on the internet to help me get on the air. Please get to me with suggestions.

Help me help you.

Again - leave a message for (if for no other reason than to tell him what you think about having Rush Limbaugh on the station):

Andy Bloom

Operations Manager

WPHT - CBS Radio.


Thanks, I hope to talk to you soon!

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