Monday, December 21, 2009

When will there be a Fox Counterbalance from the Mainstream?

In 2008 the Left was active and engaged. We spent our time, our money, and our hearts to get Obama elected. In 2009 we left him twisting in the wind.

Fox has done an outstanding job in 2009 in thwarting any initiative President Obama has attempted to undertake. It really wasn't Fox itself and its' shameless promotion of anything that could damage the president (over the weekend I saw boxed images of Homer Simpson over top of the President). Part of this credit needs to go to the media.

The MSNBC guys were happy to show their disdain for Fox News all the way through the year. They would enjoy laughing it up about these silly teabaggers. But they really did nothing with their bully pulpits. And the same goes for the blogosphere. What did any of these outlets do to take back the streets?

Obama as a politician is smart enough to see what winds are blowing. There is a symbiotic relationship between Obama and the media. He knows the kind of political coverage he gets will allow him to move more freely. I am not talking about coverage of a speech or an appearance somewhere. I am talking about political cover. Fox provided the GOP all it needed and then some.

Where was Obama's? This is what is so disgusting. (Obama is not blameless here, he needs to step up a little, but, it is his rookie season and I expect things to get better.)

What did the Left do to protect the political cover we granted to Obama? What did the media do to counter-act the real live activism that Fox has brought to the table? The Mainstream Media really did nothing for the Left in 2009. The fact I made news for challenging the President if his knees were getting weak should not have been news. It should never have gotten to that point.

If a media outlet endorsed or came out for the President in 2008 they needed to back it up in 2009. I saw Stewart and Colbert doing it with the same intensity in 2009 as 2008, but not a lot of others.

The media for the 2009 Left became a pointer.
  • "Hey look - Fox is creating its' own storm and covering it."
  • "Hey look at all those angry people at the town halls!"
  • "Hey look at all the big rallies that Fox is self promoting."
  • "Hey, I wonder why the poll numbers for the President are dropping."

Fox practiced yellow journalism on steroids. Over a hundred years ago we got into the Spanish-American War on the back of this type of journalism. The Right has seen what the Left did in 2008 and determined to stop it in 2009. They did it - kudos to them.

The media on the Left was focusing on real policies that make peoples' eyes glaze over - the Right gave them eye candy. No matter how ridiculous or goofy - the message was there. The messengers were fighting for their side.

I you really believe in what you did in 2008 was a worthy endeavor in 2008 and you worked hard in 2009 to help the President, I am happy to be shoulder to shoulder with you. If you took a vacation in 2009 and expected Obama to wave a magic wand to make it all better - here's a news flash - nothing will happen without your continued involvement.

Here is something YOU can do to start 2010 out properly. This is from a Facebook Group looking for members. It is one guy who needs YOUR help. Yeah, I know I have spammed this around a little bit.



I still think there are enough people on the Left who will do something.

  • It is time for the so called Mainstream Media to help our country.
  • It is time for the so called Mainstream Media to get its' hands dirty and allow the United States to become strong again.
  • It is time for the so called Mainstream Media to stand up to the bullies who are beating down Obama and taking away the dreams of our nation.
  • It is time for the so called Mainstream Media to get off the sidelines and help fix what they have allowed Fox News to destroy.

We need the same amount of oxygen in the room as Fox granted the teabagging loons.
We need a fair crack at getting the steering wheel back.

It is good for the reader to do some work sometimes.

I think we are all up to it.

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