Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vote Against the Weasels Today

I call in to the Smerconish Show enough for TC, the producer, to know my voice on pickup. When today’s poll (please go there and vote after reading this ) was announced I could not resist calling. The original poll was a 2 choice poll as to who is more in the wrong between two politicians, the Senators from New York, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand.

The Politico back story is related by this link. The upshot is Senator Schumer used a nasty word when told by a flight attendant to act properly on an airplane. He had a childish reaction to being corrected by someone doing their job. Senator Gillibrand was sitting next to the Senator.

A GOP aide overhears what goes down and decides – great story, “I am going to be a good little flunkie and run to the press with this.” The aide becomes an unnamed source for the tempest in a teapot. It becomes a story on Politico, the New York Post, Smerconish and who knows where else. They ask Schumer for confirmation, he owns up to calling the flight attendant a nasty name. They ask Gillibrand for her reaction and she does not dime out her collogue.

The binary reaction of who is more morally wrong and should be rung up ensues. Hey, here’s a news story, if you are in the Senate you are probably a prima donna. Senators may on occasion, like the rest of us, exhibit bad behavior.

On today’s Smerconish show the poll was about chewing out these two pols. Childish behavior or covering it up – there are great choices. I heard the poll and dialed in with a third. What about the weasel in the seat behind the two Senators who was eavesdropping. Running around telling tales out of school to the press could be one of the offenses. If we are going to go thru the morality play, let’s make sure we have enough players to fill the stage.

The cool thing about this “Right Wing” Radio show is the flexibility of the host. Michael immediately got it, had John the Webman change the poll on the site. When I checked before writing this note over 20% of the respondents are tired of the weasels. I knew I nailed it when they were still talking about my cal 20 minutes later.

I am writing this for a couple of reasons:
• You can call out weaselly behavior.
• You can call talk radio if you bring something to the table.
• You can affect change everyday.

Please help affect change in a small way and make a vote on his web site today.

Epilogue - This vote ended up with over 25% of the respondents agreeing that the bad actor was the snitch who dimed out the situation.

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