Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dithering... Not So Fast! (or a jammed Roller Derby Queen)

President Obama’s West Point speech was met with anticipation by all those concerned about the wars currently being waged. Some “Americans” has so much anticipation that they couldn’t wait for the speech to start their cheap shots.

Dick Cheney has been circling around the political discourse like the GOP’s version of the Roller Derby Queen ( I’ve had the Jim Croce song in my head for days where he sings about the “Meanest hunk o’ woman that anybody ever seen down in the arena.” He circles with the “dithering” charge, the next pass around the track is the old “he’s inexperienced” shot to the back of the head, tries to take out the Presidents knees with a “weakness” charge.

I am taking a step back for a moment on the “dithering” charge. I don’t know the exact timeline of how Obama put his decision together, frankly, I don’t care. He has done his due diligence. But Obama has done this right. I am not saying that because I like the feel of my Obama Pom-Poms in my hand. The more I see of the President, the more I like.

I really think he had the skeleton of this plan worked out at least 4 months ago. These 90+ days were the machinations of marshalling his resources. He took the advice of military council, whether it was Secretary Gate or General McChrystal or the General Petraeus or Secretary Powell. I think a lot of phone calls were made and a lot of people asked. He also took a lot of input from the political class. I don’t think for a moment there will be a problem getting the votes for the funding of this, because it has already been done behind closed doors. No Drama.

Look at the last month. Obama wasn’t going to a Far East Trip to check out Sushi and Won-Ton. I am sure he enjoyed the Forbidden City, but I am sure those conversations behind closed doors were something along the lines of, “This is what we are doing. Can you offer any tips, since this is your neighborhood over here?”

The nicest touch was the first state dinner. Who was the honored guest? India is the largest democracy on the planet !!! These people have probably the next most to lose in the region if this thing goes haywire. It cannot be underestimated the stakes India has in this game. It was a Mumbai massacre that is making this region even more flammable.

If you are going to get your ducks inline, it is cool to have about a billion of them on the other side of Pakistan. I wonder if there is a firewall strategy going on here if things get out of hand with Pakistan?

Back on the domestic front, I would not be surprised at all if the McChrystal comments about 40,000 troops were a trial balloon requested by the administration of the military. The military is really doing its job because it knows this project has to be sold to the American public.

Speaking of selling things to the American Public, will it be easier or more difficult to get health care reformed if all the oxygen in the room is being taken up by these military issues? The healthcare debate now has a counter-balance in the public discourse.

The logistics for these things takes months to plan.

What you are hearing is only the sound of a Roller Derby Queen being jammed by a Power Forward.

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