Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why Can't We Just Say "Obama, We're Proud of You?"

I know this may become a piece of Saturday morning pizza.  Sometimes overlooked or thrown out.  If you have it for breakfast you get a different taste than Friday night.  I waited to write this so I could look on the blogs and absorb the media to get a perspective on the announcement of Obama's peace prize.  How he did/didn’t deserve it.  Too soon to tell/maybe it is encouragement.  Obama is evil/good.  Snub to W/Hurray for Barack.  The Nobel will cripple/enable him.

These articles tell me something else.  It is a mirror on us.  We are now small petty people.  Peck-a-little, talk-a-little, cheep, cheep, cheep, peck-a-little, talk-a-little.

What kind of people have we become?  Our leader has won the planet’s greatest honor, The Nobel Peace Prize.  It is something for little kids to sing about.  (I am sorry to you indoctronaires.)  It is a great excuse for low-class people to snipe.  I thought about this 2 years ago when Al Gore took home part of the Nobel Peace Prize.

The media machine has geared up quickly to distract and diminish the substantial.  Dismantle it before, God forbid; Obama gets any traction out of this.  This action is coming from both the left and the right.  It is disgusting from both ends.

Is there a bigger honor to be bestowed upon a person living or dead?  Yes, blessed are the peacemakers.  It is not some quaint notion.  It is now what we must do to survive.  The planet is too small, the weaponry too good, and the populations too on edge.

The world rejoiced to see Obama elected.  Over the past decade, the United States’ ego had become bigger than the land masses of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Guantanamo, and North Korea combined.  The nominations closed in February, when the fresh newness of this administration still had a banana oil smell (like a new car). 

I believe this selection is as much about what lies ahead for Obama as much as it is a rebuke of GW Bush.  Two stolen terms in the White House, yes stolen terms by the GOP, has crippled the world economy and killed thousands of people.  The world looked at our behavior over the last decade and is rightly appalled.

The selection wasn’t announced until October.  As the committee went through its deliberations, I am sure it was not lost on them that the United States, or at least a rabid portion of the right, was loudly rejecting Obama.  Death Panels and Birthers; Tea Baggers and armed protesters are not lost on these folks.

We have seen too many leaders fall in the process of assimilating power or using it properly.  Lincoln, Gandhi, JFK, MLK, RFK, Benigno Aquino, Rabin, and Bhutto come to mind.  After something happens we lament that we should have done more while they are here.

The people on this committee are Swedish citizens.  I wonder how many recalled the assassination of their Prime Minister, Olof Palme in 1986.  Palme was a Social Democrat.  He was a lightning rod for both the left and the right.  When he got power and authority he did something with it.  Spoke for peace, justice and equality.  If you Google him and look at his biography from any number of sources, you will find that our President has an affinity for his positions.  Palme’s murder investigation is still open.  It has the requisite number of conspiracy theorists.

This is the world saying loud and clear that the right wing zealots in the United States are out-of-line with everybody else on the planet.  The world recognizes we have a special leader.  Obama is in a state of flux.  In physics terms we are at a moment, or a turning point. On one side of a lever stand GOP activists and racists trying to do anything they can to attack this president.  Shoulder to shoulder with these sycophants are the egotistical Democrats in Congress haven’t figured it out yet that Obama is the leader.  The world is rightly giving Obama more credit than some bloated loon Senator from Montana.

The world is standing on the other side of this lever with jaws dropped on the floor trying to think of something to do to help.  They have caught this act before. 

I am damn proud that my President, Barack Obama, has won this accolade.  I am tired of the Arizona Staters that say he hasn’t done enough to warrant anything.  I am sick of the morons using pretzel logic who think this will cripple him.  This is the world speaking to us.  We could try to listen for once.

Have some pizza and think about it.

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