Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Out-Teabag the Teabaggers

It is becoming evident that in some cases just calling your congressperson isn’t going to work.  They are just too dense.  They think we are a bunch of phone stalkers.

The timing is right for the next step.  Events this week show this issue is come to a tipping point.

The results of the election were bittersweet (thank you NY-23). 

Michele Bachmann wants to scare our representatives with angry protests.  She wants more teabagging. 

Dan Froomkin suggests taking to the streets in his post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/11/06/want-obama-to-be-bolder-t_n_348969.html.  Not all of us can make it to DC for such a march.  But we need to do something.

I think we can out-teabag the teabaggers.  I suggested in other posts that you need to sell your body to your congressperson to get them to see the light on Healthcare.   (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joe-the-nerd-ferraro/i-want-you-to-sell-your-b_b_268319.html)

Now there are people staging sit-ins.  This is absolutly great!!!

Take a look at the following links:

Swarthmore College is Organized - http://phoenix.swarthmore.edu/2009/11/05/news/eight-students-arrested-in-phila-blue-cross-sit-in

Mobilize for Healthcare, http://mobilizeforhealthcare.org/ ,is really taking it seriously .  There is even a section on what to expect when you get arrested.  Fantastic site and a wonderful resource.

Portland, Ore has gotten their act together - http://www.koinlocal6.com/content/mediacenter/default.aspx?videoid=12738

However, these sit-ins are occurring at Insurance Companies.  I am afraid the Insurance Companies are laughing up their sleeves.  They are driven by cash and profit.  Sit-ins at their HQ doesn't affect them.  After all, these guys are the original death panelists.

It may be more effective if sit-ins were being staged at local Congressional Offices.  We need to negotiate with people who have the power to do something.

If your Congressperson or Senator is not supporting the public option it is time for a good, old-fashioned sit-in.  At their local legislative office(s) next Friday from about 9 am on park your fanny in near the door.  Bring a guitar, sitar, or just some nacho chips and cheese to share.

Bring a sign.  Dress-up.  Scare the socks off of them just by showing up in the costume of a concerned American. Actually, they need to see your smiling face telling them quietly that you want this and you are willing to work with them, not against them.

I am saying to start this on a Friday because they are normally home in their district on Friday (unless they have one of those special Appalachian Trail/Argentina appointments).

All summer long we got to see all sorts of protesting going on from the right wing.

  • Birthers did it,
  • Baggers did it,
  • Even the death panelists did it,
  • so let’s do it...

(sorry - I’m channeling Cole Porter)

Now is time to embarrass and enlighten them with your presence.  Get your butt in front of their doors.  They can invite the cops to visit, but you still have the right to assemble (unless the Patriot Act took that away too).

Let's use some honey to attract people to our side instead of vinegar.  It is extremely effective to show your congressman and their staff your smiling face with your neighbors in tow.  Feel free to go in individually to speak to the staffers, introduce yourself and tell them why you want this.  Ask to see the congressperson, I am sure they would personally appreciate your input, after all they are supposed to be working for you.

If you are uninsured or unemployed or disabled having a rough time of it, stop by and let them know how much you would appreciate some help.  You know, healthcare as a right, not just for the privileged.

If this works on Friday, great!  If it doesn’t, stop by again on Monday and bring a few more friends.

This is really crunch time people.  I know this is a little short notice, but sometimes the most fun is had with little or no notice.

If a bunch of Teabaggers can do this why can't we?

I remember the climax to a movie that used the line, "There are more of us than there are of you...".

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