Friday, July 8, 2011

Social Security's Surgery

Published: The Huffington Post 2011.07.08

It's on the table. It is being prepped by the doctor's group called Oboehner Centrist Inc. The dotted lines are being drawn on the torso and the legs.

The appendage called the Nextus Generatoid is going to be completely cut out of the process. But that appendage will get to pay for all of this. It isn't looking good for the Morphious Geratricus either - they are really talking about killing grandma here.

The Koch American Funeral Company and Associates (KAFCA), where the Spirit of Freedom gets cremated and buried, are truly in control of the system. Centrists in both parties need to do something to wake up the populace - something like that shot of adrenaline administered in Pulp Fiction.

Putting the Social Safety Net on the operating table is that filled needle.

The situation with the debt limit has gotten totally out of control. That clacking sound you hear is not the Tea Party Express steaming on its tracks as we go over the cliff - it is the knees of both parties' enablers knocking so loud that it is just more white noise.

Oboehner Centrist Inc. needs a plan - but they are powerless. Congressional politicians are, for the most part, a spineless bunch (Boneless Chicken Ranch Syndrome). If there is blood on the ground - you know there is a bus scheduled to run a political colleague over (Anthonyweinerectomy). When there is blood in the water - the sharks have a party (Ensignitus).

When there is cleanup to be done - it is nothing but pointy fingers (Digitus Theydidittou) and tumbleweeds.

President Obama needs to stop running backwards for the last 2 years. Moderate Republicans (defined as "not Tea Party") have sold their souls and are co-opted by their own electoral fears. Standard house Democrats want a purge (Azure Canine Extermination Syndrome). All of them need some brass plating applied to their private areas for something other than fundraising.

Putting the Social Safety Net on the Operating Table is not a "Punch the Hippie" Surgical Procedure as much as it is something else.

Remember the movie Fantastic Voyage - the one where a machine shrinks a surgical team and really gets into the head of a poltician. Well, I have one of those machines too! (Craigslist is really amazing.) I got inside the head of one of these guys and here is what these politicians are saying to the American People:

WAKE THE @#$% UP !

We need YOU to step up and get really mad at us. That is the ONLY way we will do ANYTHING for you.

This operating room will have plenty of klieg lights and cameras rolling. We love to perform here!

We need you to do what the Tea Party did to get their start:
  1. Scream.
  2. Yell.
  3. Carry on like 4-year-olds.

We will give back your binky - but you have to yell for it. LOUDLY.

The only way we can do that is to threaten to take something away you all need.

Could it be they have already tried this with?
  • The Educational System with its cuts
  • The Military Complex with its treatment of our troops
  • The Environment with fracking and spilling of oil everywhere
  • State Governments with the curtailment of everything
  • NASA and the smartest guys on the planet not knowing what is next after the shuttle
  • The Unions with successful busting efforts

These are not some theoretical set of political bases we are talking about here - it is the entire flipping country having a stake in this.

This country has been put to sleep by the gas of apathy. Our country is more interested in complaining about the made-up outrage of the Casey Anthony trial at the expense of its real living conditions.

The only way to blunt the effect of the Koch Brothers and their Congressional Tea Party Pallbearers is to create a situation where EVERYONE gets off their butts and onto their hind legs and starts fighting.

What will knock us to our senses?

Neither the President nor the Speaker wants to be the one pulling the plug on grandma. But they are not going to pay the electric bill without a large number of citizens behind them. This may be a cynical method to get us to take to the streets to defend what is ours and what we are paying for and what we have paid for in terms of this Social Safety Net.

If we cannot snap out of it, do we really deserve to have these things?

If we cannot snap out of it, do we really deserve to call ourselves the "Land of the Free"?

This may be the last chance as the President and Speaker, one from each party, are politically screaming at all of us to WAKE UP before they put a knife to us.

Without a word from the population - we are sausage.

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