Friday, September 24, 2010

I Fear Sanity (and Combs)

The Stewart / Colbert March is the one I have waited for over the past year. I will be there.
I will snark, but reasonably.
I will yell, but quietly.
On their Facebook pages (Sanity Link / Fear Link) over 200,000 have committed to at least one of these rallies. Many like me, who sanely fear, signed up for both. Given the intense build-up this will get over the next month it is not unreasonable to think that double this number may attend.

The timing of this twin rally is a gamble. The Fear and Sanity in DC Rally lands on the last, most intense, weekend of the campaign season. The number of people who would otherwise be home, in district, making phone calls, building A-Frames, canvassing - is staggering.

If I were a campaign manager for a congressional seat, I would be pulling more of my hair out because my best people are going to be in DC at crunch time.

Hmmm, why not the weekend of the 23rd? 
As Jon Stewart announced this rally he spoke about the scheduling. He's calling the shot on this and that's great. Being a parent, I get why you need to be home for Halloween. It is just too important. He also mentioned the shows would be in DC the week before.

Wow, what a great way to build up this event. A long parade of at-risk pols and those Democrats ready to romp will be what the Democrats need to take on the Party of Tea. As an orchestrated slow release of feel good before the caffeine jolt of a rally; it can work.

The rally will come 3 days before the election. This will wash out ANY last minute surprises that the GOP may have in store. It will also prevent the Democrats who know how to eat their own feet, from foot-in-mouth disease. They can't screw this up.

Will the Comedy Central Crew be able to create enough of a political adrenaline rush that can last until Tuesday evening when the polls close?

If they can pull it off and turn the angry Tea Party Express into the expressionless and numb, the credit will go to this group of individuals. The Democratic Party has been on the ropes as is gives up political yardage by the mile.

This is the goal line stand. I am happy to have:

The Clowns to the left of me and
The Jokers to the right.

BTW, If you cannot be there:

Get a cardboard cutout of yourself

A wooden stake

Send it with someone who is going to the rally.
We need your spiritual image for the head count.
If they can bring it back, set it up at the polls as a reminder that "you" were there.

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