Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chattering Classless

Gen. David Petraeus
Gen. Ray Odierno
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Attorney General Eric Holder
Press Secretary Robert Gibbs
Presidential Adviser David Axelrod
All of these heavy hitters have weighed in on the Rev. Terry Jones' plan of burning a Koran on September 11.
All have stated that the Gainesville, Florida Pastor is wrong and places our troops in further danger. International gains made diplomatically are being damaged by this bigoted parochial Pastor's effort to sell his book. (You can link to his web site to see it, but I won't do him the favor of placing his link here.)
Countering the face of our government are members of the American Chattering Class who are now saying that the Administration is wrong to take on this issue.
  • If the administration were to treat this guy like a gnat, he'd have no credibility.
  • Now that he has been noted by the Administration, he has instant credibility.
  • The Administration has made the problem worse!
The problem is our chattering class is not factoring in the chattering classes in the Muslim world. If we can have a right wing media dominated by a Rushbeckistan, with a capital of O'Rhannityville that will attack anything President Obama does with gusto for ratings, wouldn't it stand to reason that there is a similar set-up on the other side of the planet that is looking at US through a similar prism?

Anything that happens behind that prism is twisted for maximum embarrassment to not only President Obama, but American Culture itself.

If you were sitting in Afghanistan, Iraq, or even places where our military is not active like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan or Indonesia what kind of media sausage is being made over there?

Gen. David Petraeus is living on the ground in theater. He has boots on the ground and I think the American media needs to allow him to make the assessment about what the media in Islam-Land is doing to us.

Remember, part of this war is for hearts and minds.

Take the reaction to events like the NYC Mosque, the arson at the Mosque' construction site in Tennessee, now this Pastor's Koran burning stunt - isn't that good meat for a bitter sausage labeled:

"They are Americans and they hate Islam?"

I am sure there is some fat guy with a drug issue who bloviates on the airwaves in Islam-land that everything we do is evil. I wonder if there are radio talking heads that talk about restoring honor to places like Kabul, or Cairo, or Mecca. I am sure they can get a ton of people out to march for them.

We are getting our heads handed to us by the Muslim media. This pastor has helped create a nightmare for us over there. Not only diplomatically, but militarily. The general has spoken up at the right time with the proper message of the danger this money grubbing pastor has placed our troops in.

The Administration echoing and having the General's back on this topic is certainly the proper thing to do.
Now, if we can only get this pastor busted for

  • using his Freedom of Speech to attack another person's Freedom of Religion,
  • or inciting a riot,
  • or treason because he is giving aid to our enemies (in terms of recruitment materials)

then, we may have something.

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