Saturday, August 7, 2010

Honor Those Fighting Without Guns?

The start of the story...

6 Americans Killed In Afghanistan, Part Of Medical Team

KATHY GANNON | 08/ 7/10 12:50 PM |

KABUL, Afghanistan -- Ten members of a medical team, including six Americans, were shot and killed by militants as they were returning from providing eye treatment and other health care in remote villages in northern Afghanistan, a spokesman for the team said Saturday.

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It's a big headline about another tragedy.

We are at war.

As a civilian, I don't know the ins and outs of getting someone interred at Arlington. (Join me in contacting your congressperson on this if you like the idea.)

I know American Heroes when I see them. It is ironic these docs were killed by ideologically blind people because they are bringing vision care to those in need.

Should these brave Americans receive the highest military honors?

Not every American fighting this war wears a drab cammo uniform as they tote ammo or look for IEDs. It takes a large amount of courage to suit up in full gear to go over into theater where you are a target because there is an American flag on your uniform.

Any military person worth their salt can tell you the advantages and disadvantages of a particular weapon. When it is to be used and what it will do. No weapon works in every situation.

It takes an equal amount of guts to do it without a gun. I seem to remember these wars are for the hearts and minds of people.

The weapon of the open extended hand asking for trust maybe the deadliest one to those who believe in fighting to the death. The disadvantage of using this weapon is no physical defense because; by its nature you are undefended.

That is also its greatest strength. If you want trust - you must give it. (You can only generate so much trust holding a pistol.) The advantage is, because you can trust someone, you can open the mind of the enemy and make them look at us as humans trying to help.

This team was adept at using this weapon, but paid the ultimate price. These people advanced American (and western) interests with their lives and sacrifice.

Did they sacrifice themselves for the cause of peace?
Were they trying to show the best that America and the West has to offer them?
They laid down their lives trying to better the planet.

Isn't that what the Honor of Arlington is all about?

It should be our nation's honor to have them sleep there.

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