Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Keithier to Keep Him on the Shelf ... for Now

Published: The Huffington Post 2010-11-05

First reaction to the latest Keith Olbermann-sticks-his-foot-in-it episode is:

The longer MSNBC keeps Olbermann suspended the more they come off like holier than thou boobs.

MSNBC is playing by the 1950's Marquess of Queensbury journalism rules.
Fox is playing by the 1890 yellow journalism rules.
MSNBC is getting their heads handed to them.

Kudos for Olbermann for putting some money where his mouth is.

Shame on MSNBC for playing the game halfway.

Put this as my Facebook status and a whole load of people seemed to like it...

As I expounded -- I realized something. This could be a ratings bonanza for a serial ranter.

Think about it. This is lighting up the internet for Keith!

But Olbermann is actually fighting for attention.

Part of me is wondering if there is some theater going on in the background. Olbermann donated quite some time ago to the campaigns. He knows the rules. He's a smart guy. The exposure of this donation and suspension actually is causing a firestorm in Blogland. I wonder if this is a manipulation for ratings and to rally around THE KEITH.

There will be a triumphant return of THE KEITH!

There is a sweet spot to keep Keith off the air to maximize attention, while not allowing attrition to other things, like say, Comedy Central. (If I were programming at Comedy Central, I might put the previous evening's re-runs of Stewart and Colbert against the suspended Olbermann spot, just to see what happens. What about going live at 8 for Stewart?)

But more than an apology or whatever mealy mouthed words stuffed in Keith's mouth by the corporate suits need to come out when Olbermann comes back. He needs to come back with an attitude. He and the rest of the MSNBC Crew need to start playing the game like FOX.

We could use some blue astro-turf over here. As I said before, MSNBC is only going half way. I am not asking them to go with half truths or no truths, but hammering truths. The left needs a counter balance.

Keith needs to help with some how-to stuff on activism. How do we do this at home? The left needs grass roots help. Enough with the point-and-snark!

I really think some of this is being driven by all the attention the Comedy Central folks have earned. They are eating MSNBC's lunch right in front of them.

I am looking forward to MSNBC retooling a little bit and to start coming out swinging. The 1950's Edward R. Murrow stuff ain't cutting it. We, not the Center, not the Left, but the country needs a legitimate counter-balance to FOX. I like Thurber, but he's been dead a while.

I want to see MSNBC partying like it's a yellow 1899!

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