Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hell Hath No Fury as a Tea Party Member Scorned

Published 2010-10-20 10:32:03  Huffington Post 

Fact List:

  • Virginia (Ginni) Thomas is the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
  • During Clarence Thomas' confirmation hearings, Anita Hill raised the charge of sexual misconduct in the workplace. During the Clarence Thomas confirmation, Hill
    could not fully substantiate the misconduct claims as the episode devolved into a "he said-she said" conflict. Clarence Thomas was confirmed.
  • Polls in this election are tightening.
  • Liberty Central is a Conservative Activist Web Site
  • Quote from Liberty Central

Virginia (Ginni) Thomas, President and CEO

Ginni is a new social entrepreneur and the Founder of Liberty Central, Inc. Ginni is excited about launching and finds the new citizen activists

  • Ginni Thomas called Anita Hill on October 9, 2010 asking Hill for an apology.
  • Hill called the police and FBI.
  • The story about Ginni Thomas' phone call broke on October 20, 2010.


The Democrats are closing in on victory as more and more Tea Party Candidates are doing more and more loopy things.

Thomas, in her role as a conservative activist, has taken an opportunity to further muddy the waters with respect to the election. Bringing back this soap opera into the

media so close to the election is a method of taking oxygen out of the room with respect to the serious issues the country is facing.

Re-hashing this issue may help GOP turnout in this election.

Hill needed substantiation and real proof she wasn't being punked. She waited until the investigation was complete before going public this. Credit goes to her for not making the same mistake twice.

This ultimately favors the Democrats. The amount of off-the-wall stuff entering the media is directly proportional to the realization that your side will lose. The GOP is now throwing the kitchen sink at the Democrats.

I hope the Democrats know how to duck by calling Ginni Thomas' actions for what they are -- more political theater.

Note: I am getting some feedback as "How does this help the GOP?"
Answer: Ginni Thomas' world is ultra-conservative.
They see Hill as a liar and part of the wall of liberals. She is taking a shot at her in hopes of reviving those emotions.

See it from the Thomas' standpoint. Just like Christine O'Donnell, she thinks she is scoring a touchdown by rehashing this now.

It is taking news cycles away from the Democrats. I think it is smart and will work if the Democrats don't call Thomas out on it.

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