Monday, July 26, 2010

Seriously, when are you going to stand up ?

Over the past year I have tried to affect change through writing, pleading, marching, etc.

I attempted to orchestrate a March on Washington in January just to say, "Mr. President we support you".

The powers that be within the DNC or OFA or whatever didn't want that. In fact, they worked against it.
Over the past month the Tea Party, in the wake of their race problems, has decided to convene a Race Summit at Independence Mall on 7/31.

I have tried to organize an alternative gathering 2 miles away at the Philadelphia Art Museum, using social media as the focal point. I called various Democratic Parties (National and State) to help, pleaded my case to anyone I could contact at this past week's Netroots Nation Gathering. I wanted to do it thru the grassroots and the party structure.

It was met with a big yawn.

Rather than subject those people who said they would come at their own expense to Philly. Some are coming for pretty far away, I am calling the event off.

As I call the event off I am left with great appreciation for those who would have been there. They were ready to step up.

For those who knew about this and did nothing, I question what you have in the tank. What fuels you? We (our country) are being confronted by an organized bully in this Tea Party System, but yet nothing moves you.
I heard on more than one occasion that
  • "These people are a fringe group."
  • "There aren't enough of them to do any harm." or
  • "You are only giving them attention by calling them out".

So were brown shirts in the 1930's. I am not saying the Tea Party is Nazi-based, but I am saying they were allowed to grow because no one stood up. All those excuses were used back then.

Please tell me where a group of people will stand and demonstrate for the America I worked for in 2008. The America I want us to become. The one fueled by the Hope of the future. Not the one that won't pay its bills because we are all "Taxed Enough Already". (What an incredible load of crap - we spent it on the wars - we all have to PAY IT BACK !)

Every time you let these people go without a response you encourage those who watered down health care and financial reform. These people have already promised an attempt to impeach the president if they gain control.

Yet, those who are supposed to lead and organize the opposition do nothing while this movement grows.
I am sorry about my frustrations here, but I can't see fighting for groups of people who won't stand up and fight for themselves.

All the splinter groups, all the Democratic Party Structures, all the lobbyists are all frauds with their hands out for themselves. If there is a place to enter credit card information on their site - they are in this category. They don't get that politics is a team game - not a money game. They (and the rest of the country) are being beaten by an organized group with energy, however small, that will punish the rest of the country as they grow.

As I said, I am calling the event off in Philly at the Art Museum, if someone else wants to take control - have at it.

The bottom line is - it was not the Tea Party that beat me on this event - it is the Democratic Party and the groups that mouth the great ideas and ideals but won't back them up when it counts.

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Elaine Hannock said...

You're totally right. The People found their passion, and other parts, to stand up and get Obama elected. It's there, but only when push comes to shove