Friday, August 28, 2009

Conservative Argument for Healthcare Reform: Part 1:Get Rid of Unsightly Unfunded Mandates

Why should business be mandated to provide social programs?

Quick answer is they shouldn’t.

But that is what we got here. It is Unsocialablized Medicine.

Business is in the business to make money – not be the architect or deliverer of social programs (unless they are using benefits to entice talent).

A business makes widget. If allowed to, they can make the best damn widgets on the planet. It is capitalism. Make a buck.

All the time we hear about how businesses are burdened with government mandates.

Guess what? A single payer system will relieve you, Mr. Widgetboy, of having to provide social programs. A good chuck of that capital can go back into plant expansion and adding employees. Widget Research can take off like never before.

You can have a portion your HR Department staff redeployed into other areas of the plant because the company won’t have to deal with the relationship your firm has with all your health, dental, optical insurers.

I just don’t get it. You get a guy in the White House who is offering business the biggest tax break of our lifetimes, and he gets snubbed by every right-winger.

How many times do we hear that Uncle Sam’s business is fighting with one hand tied behind his back? Obama is offering to free that other hand. Get behind a government single payer system. Your unfunded government mandates will go down.

If you want government out of your business’s way, help Obama help you.

It is time for Uncle Sam to flex all this muscles.

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